Summer Camp

June 1st to August 6th
$ 149 WEEKLY
  • $50 Registration Fee
  • 8am - 3:45pm

School Year Tuition

August 8 - May 27
$ 145 WEEKLY
  • $50 Registration Fee
  • 8am - 3:45pm


Trinity Christian Pre-School provides an educational experience in a safe, loving, Christ-centered atmosphere, creating a desire for learning. TCP uses an emphasis on development of language arts skills and the understanding of numbers. This curriculum is supplemented by learning strategies that emphasize the developmental nature of the early childhood student, such as learning centers and group learning projects. Early childhood students also participate in weekly chapel services.


Student-teacher ratios are 1 to 11 for K2, 1 to 15 in K3 and 1 to 15 in K4.


Langugage Arts

  • Recognition of name, sound, and picture for short vowels and consonants
  • Formation of vowels and consonants in upper and lower case
  • Language development and listening skills that include color words, shapes, animals, transportation, countries, community helpers, health, safety, manners, science


  • Simple counting 1-30
  • Number concepts 1-15


  • Know who God is
  • Know who Jesus is
  • Know what the Bible is
  • Know that God loves them
  • Learn to pray
  • Sing Christian songs
  • Experience the love of God and the goodness of humanity through Bible stories and weekly chapel time



Language Arts:

  • Refinement of skills introduced in K3
  • Formation of manuscript letters, blends, and words
  • Writing of first name


  • Numbers largest and smallest 1-20
  • Addition facts 1+1 through 1+9
  • Introduce the fraction 1/2, time, measurement etc.


  • Know who God is
  • Know who Jesus is
  • Know what the Bible is
  • Know that God loves them
  • Participate in daily prayer
  • Memorize Bible verses
  • Sing Christian songs
  • Experience the love of God and the goodness of humanity through Bible stories and weekly chapel time

Who is it for?

Trinity Christian Preschool is for kids ages 2 – 4 (must be potty trained). We seek to build a solid foundation of academic success in a Christ-centered environment. From classrooms with great teachers and curriculum to chapels where kids will worship and learn truths from God’s word, your kids will thrive here at Trinity Christian Preschool.


Yes.  We do have standard attire that we ask for the kids to wear during the school year.  Navy polo shirt and Khaki colored pants.  We will allow casual wear for summer camp, but the dress code must be followed.

TCP will build routines of hygiene education and practices.  Daily cleaning and frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces throughout the day.  Daily temperature and well child check upon check in of each child and teacher.  Decisions on mask wearing will be made as we get closer to the start of the school year.

Yes.  TCP has security cameras, however they are without audio and are not accessible for the parents.  They are for the safety of the staff and kids only. 

Each child will be placed in their specific grade based on their age before September 1st.  For example, if they turn 4 after September 1st, they will be placed in the K3 class for that school year.  Please note that eligibility for the TLPS Charter school mandates that children cannot attend Kindergarten unless they are age 5 by Sept. 1st

Yes.  Every child ages 2-4 years old must be capable of using the restroom on their own with little to no help before they can attend.

Currently TCP is in the process of out sourcing lunches through the Charter School.  If we do this we will pass that info onto you.  Otherwise we will be asking parents to provide lunches and snacks daily.

Yes.  Naps will be a daily scheduled event.  Please send children with  their own nap mat and blanket.  This will be sent home every Friday to wash and clean.

Yes.  We will send a supply list to the parents before school starts.

TCP is open year around.  However, it will be closed on the following dates:  Thanksgiving Break – Nov. 24-26.  Christmas Break – Dec. 20-31.  MLK Day, Labor Day. Memorial Day.  July 4th(observed day).  There will be no spring break for TCP.

We do offer a 10% discount for a second child in the same family for both the summer camp and the school year.  Any Trinity Church staff member or Trinity Leadership Public School staff will also receive a discount.  There will be no Trinity Church membership discount.

Yes.  Kids in Action Extended Care is available at an additional cost.  You can visit the website at trinitychurch.org/kiacare to enroll.

Summer Camp

Summers at Trinity Christian preschool are going to be a blast! From bible lessons to special assemblies and lots of fun activities your kids will not only learn but will have a fun time doing it.

June 1 - August 6


Our Pre-School program is staffed by teachers committed to Christ and the development of the children placed in their care. The curriculum for the three and four year olds begins the students on the road to reading. Letters, numbers, colors and shapes are taught. By the end of the four year old program, children are blending sounds and reading simple words.

A major emphasis of the early childhood classrooms is development of motor skills in the students. This is achieved through use of scissors, writing and art projects as well as educational games.

The teachers seek to create an atmosphere of loving nurture in the classes. 

August 8 - May 27

Summer/Fall AM/PM

12 Months
$ 3,360 TUITION
  • $280 Monthly
  • $129 Bi-Weekly
  • $65 Weekly

Summer/Fall AM Only

12 Months
  • $80 Monthly
  • $37 Bi-Weekly
  • $18 Weekly

Summer/Fall PM Only

12 Months
$ 2,400 TUITION
  • $200 Monthly
  • $92 Bi-Weekly
  • $96 Weekly

Summer Only AM/PM

  • $280 Monthly
  • $140 Bi-Weekly
  • $56 Weekly
  • 7AM - 8AM
  • 4PM -6PM

Summer AM Only

  • $80 Monthly
  • $40 Bi-Weekly
  • 7AM -8AM

Summer PM Only

  • $200 Monthly
  • $100 Bi-Weekly
  • $40 Weekly
  • 4PM - 6PM


1231 E Pleasant Run Road
Cedar Hill, TX 75104
Email: emcintyre@trinitychurch.org