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Gavin L. Turner

I'm in a very frustrating situation. I crossed paths sadly with some people who are on the wrong side of things, and who got brainwashed the wrong way, kind of how like the Nazis did in WWII by Hitler, this is just on a much smaller scale and here locally in this city I live in. I got targeted because I knew more than the average person about some things, this man from Pakistan didn't like it, how it made him and what he did for a living look and he got it made up in his mind that he wanted me out of the way for good not out there talking, and making him look bad. So I need about nothing short of a miracle healing from what went down. He wasn't messing around he was trying to permanently mess me up and get me out of the way for good. While messed up from what happened, I'm not only unable to go out and do what I was before but also struggling with lots of bitterness and resentment which is opening up a doorway for the enemy to torment me and have me like in a personal prison of sorts.

Received: December 30, 2021