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This prayer has been answered!


Les was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and he suffers with COPD really bad and RA and some circulation issues in his feet and other health issues. He had brain surgery and they removed 99% of his tumor. This type tumor is the most aggressive tumor there is and medically theres no cure.

Larry has a blockage the doctor said its in a dangerous spot for him to put a stint in and he also has high cholesterol, high blood pressure. He also had gall bladder surgery and had alot of complications.

Dewey has copd, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and has some swelling in one of his testicles and has other health issues. 

Jerry was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Bobby suffered  a stroke.

Pray for les, larry, dewey, jerry and bobby for total healing in their body.God Bless Linda

Received: August 1, 2021