One Day Offering


Perhaps you recognize the motto of this year’s missions emphasis. The theme captures the storied history of Trinity Church’s forty years of faithful and sacrificial partnership, dedicated to getting the “Good News” of Jesus to everyone. Our partnership is with the Holy Spirit, but also with uniquely gifted individuals who radically give their lives as missionaries. Only heaven will reveal the consequence of our prayers, encouragement, and gifts.

One of our November traditions includes a “One Day” Thanksgiving offering, which is distributed among strategic ministries with whom we have relationships. The title of the offering, “One Day”, captures the idea that everyone participates by giving “one day’s wages” to Jesus through His missionaries. In other words, this offering requires math. We’re asking for all who receive this letter to divide annual income by the amount of days worked, thus arriving at a “one day” contribution amount. I love this offering, not only because of its high impact for God’s Kingdom, but because it allows us to equally participate and sacrifice (to calculate what your One Day Offering would be, use this calculation: Annual Salary ÷Work Days= One Days Wage).



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