Chapter 1


All of these upgrades and remodels occurred with funds available through your faithful giving.

May - Purchase of two brand new 40+ passenger buses for Trinity Christian School

September - Waxahachie Campus receives a stage and sound makeover, along with new Children's Worship Center.


September - Cedar Hill Campus Children's Center Remodel and Upgrade: Expansion of existing children's ministry space to create a secure check-in and ministry areas






October - New Youth & Children's Offices, new chairs in Worship Center






December - New Creative Media Suite Remodel: new video ready studio and office space


March - Air Conditioning upgrade, paint upgrade for Worship Center and Rotunda

Chapter 2

Upgrade Journey

Full technology (Audio/Visual/Lighting) installation

Our original plan for Phase 2 was the building of. new youth building and Fine Arts  space for the worship team and choir. The initial estimate for this building/construction was around $6.5 million. However, just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit our nation, building estimates escalated to almost $10 million. As a result of these increases, the church board put a pause on the design and build of the youth and Fine Arts space.

The pandemic and importance of cutting-edge technology for our online experience became very apparent. We quickly realized that our current technology structure could not hold up to the demand of delivering the very best in streaming sound and video through the various internet viewing devices.

As a leadership team, including youth and fine arts ministries, we now realize that the best use of The Next Big Thing resources would be to unite the youth/fine arts vision with the worship facility upgrades. We would still be able to meet the needs of youth ministries, while simultaneously opening our facility for quality streaming and destination venue for conferences and events.  This is a win for everyone involved.


We are the second venue in the world to own the audio consoles that will be installed. This is the top of the line audio console that is newly released.

There will be an installation of a completely modular LED background system that allows us to create and modify background design. This will also assist with lighting issues in the Worship Center.

The installation of these systems requires a complete overhaul of our electrical systems, upgrading them to top of the line standards.

All past frequency issues we have experienced in the past year, will be removed by the new wireless microphone systems. This will also increase the efficiency of broadcast audio and allows us to track and record services at a much higher quality so we can post more content on social media and web.

New lighting systems will be installed with 117 new lighting fixtures, which will allow us to remove the old used lighting systems we had. Our current system was purchased used, this will be an all new system.

This phase will be the installation of Meyer Speakers, (Meyer hand selects their consumers, so this is a rare opportunity to work with such a high profile company) Our current speakers were not sufficient to cover the entire room properly. This will allow better mixing for audio and reduce frequency spikes in the room.  

A completely new Broadcast Video system and infrastructure will be installed. This includes brand new cameras, lenses, servers and communications. This will greatly enhance the visual side of our online productions.