IF Campaign


As we celebrate 40 years of worship and outreach, Trinity Church stands poised at our pivotal moment. Like the Children of Israel standing on the threshold of God’s Promised Land after 40 years of wilderness formation, we also find ourselves poised to enter unprecedented levels of influence and kingdom expansion. God’s past faithfulness to our church is without question and worthy of celebration, but our vision forward exceeds anything previously imagined.

Here’s the vision! IF we are willing, God will allow us to increase the kingdom of God, primarily in South Dallas but beyond, by doubling our sphere of Christ’s Body within 5 years. Double in seven years! Double our outreach, double the number of baptisms, double disciples, double missions, double the prisoners and schools we serve you get the picture? Does it scare you?

As Beck and I consider this season in our lives, we thought God’s vision involved finishing the construction plans first launched two decades ago. The initial property plan included office space and fine arts center. Finishing the last facility originally planned seemed important. Now, however, I realize the final construction project is not the vision but the means to the vision.

“if…” campaign, (If God is for us, who can be against us!), is the hinge on the door for our future possibilities. IF we commit, worship, pray, give, love… God will provide the amount necessary to implement needed new facilities. “if…” we double our sphere of the Body of Christ in five years, imagine with me…. Marriages healed, families restored, missionaries empowered, cities transformed…

Beck and I, along with the leadership teams, pledge ourselves to God and you. WE will finish this race well and leave for our sons and daughters, should Jesus tarry, a church against which the gates of hell cannot prevail.

With all my heart,

Pastor Jim`

Commit to if…

I understand that this faith promise is above and beyond my tithe and is a covenant between me and God.

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  • This is the total amount you are committing to give over the next 40 months.
  • This is the amount given monthly over the next forty months. The amount here should equal what is placed in "total campaign giving" when multiplied by forty.

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