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Jesus came “to preach Good News to the poor . . . to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the downtrodden will be freed from their oppressors.” He also promised that “anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works.

This dynamic ministry of Jesus continues today. He is not only the Redeemer of our spirits, He is also the Healer of our broken bodies, broken hearts, broken lives, and broken homes. His stripes release a resource of healing at every dimension of our need. Jesus’ provision is for more than our bearable recovery – coping with our sin or burdens – it is for our complete delivery from sickness in our minds, emotions, and bodies.

There are many opportunities for recovery at Trinity Church through Support Groups.

Healing Wounded Emotions


A truth based ministry helping adults & children heal emotional wounds … caused by those who have offended or betrayed them. The group will focus on family relationships and reconciliation. The workbook fee is $15. For more information, contact Cierra Boyd 469.523.2745.

Divorce Care


For those individuals who have experienced loss of a marriage or … are in the process of separation, this group addresses the issues of forgiveness, aloneness, how to deal with children, challenges of financial burden, and how to begin a new life. The goal is to equip and prepare for a new and better life. The workbook fee is $25. Click to learn more about the curriculum. For more information, contact Michiel & Sherryl deWit or call 972.223.9504.

Sexual Addiction

Men of Redemption

A support group for men who battle with sexual addiction that … addresses the reasons for compulsive sexual behaviors, how to set up boundaries, and how to restore trust and assurance in relationships. For more information, please contact Ernie Chambers.

Single Parents

Just Me and the Kids

Designed to minister to the families disrupted by divorce, death, or … other single-parent situations. Separate sessions for parents and children allow the entire family to be involved. The goal is for the single parent family to find practical guidance for surviving and growing within the context of a one-parent family. For more information, contact Sue Agullana.

Spouse Battling Sexual Integrity

Redeemed Hearts

A support group for wives whose spouse struggles with sexual addictions. … This support group is bringing hope, healing, freedom and recovery from the hurt experienced in the betrayal. For more information, contact Jackie Chambers.

Theophostic Ministry

Theophostic Ministry

A Christ-centered and God-reliant prayer ministry that encourages you to discover … and expose what you believe that is a lie and then to ask Jesus to reveal His truth to your wounded heart and mind. It is about allowing you to have a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus in the midst of your emotional pain. The ministry does not involve giving advice, diagnosing problems, or sharing opinions or insight. Click to learn more about the ministry. For more information, contact Debbi Taber or by calling 469.523.2755.



Pastors are available to minister to the needs of the whole … family by offering biblical advice and solutions to life problems on a wide variety of topics. They will often refer you to various ministries offered within and outside the church, as well as referrals to professional counselors if needed. For more information, contact Dave Wallace or call 469.523.2765.

Healing Ministry

Healing Ministry

The most important thing we can do for you is pray. … If you are sick, the Bible teaches you to “call the church leaders together to pray and anoint you with oil in the name of the Master. Believing-prayer will heal you, and Jesus will put you on your feet.” Church leaders regularly visit and pray for sick and hurting people in hospitals, in nursing homes, or at home. At most services, there will an altar ministry time when you are invited to come and let church leaders pray for you and your loved ones. Every Tuesday night we gather for prayer in the Sanctuary from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Throughout the week and especially at those prayer gatherings we pray for individual prayer requests. You can register a prayer request by contacting Cindy Powell or calling 469.523.2760.


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