Missions & Outreach

Trinity Church missions help us connect with others as we partner together to build the Kingdom of God. Join us and help make a difference as we share in what God is doing in our city, state and around the world!


Through Local Missions we support and partner with local ministries to reach the people of our community.


Our Mission

To break the chain of generational poverty and hopelessness by:

  • Providing a loving, structured residential environment
  • Committing the necessary time, resources and support needed by women experiencing a crisis pregnancy
  • Helping our residents become productive well-balanced citizens

At Hope Mansion, God’s love provides hope and practical support for mother and baby struggling through the trial of a pregnancy in crisis. For more information, please visit our website.


Our Mission

Bridges Safehouse seeks to encourage, empower and equip pregnant, homeless women and women in crisis, and their children, by providing shelter, resources, life-skills training, and mentoring while they are in our care.

Bridges is a Christian Ministry providing safe shelter and nurturing support for women and their children during an immediate time of need.

 For more information, please visit our website.


Our Mission

Helping People with a past realize their Future!

We try to accomplish this by: Getting Right- whether in prison or out, getting your mind and heart right is vital to staying on the right track. Getting Out- getting out of whatever situation you’re in. Prison, parole, probation, addictions, unemployment. Sometimes this takes time and effort but it’s important to always be moving forward. Giving Back- pouring into someone else is the most surefire way to the focus off ourselves. Most of our consequences with the law are brought about by selfishness. For more information, please visit our website.


Our Mission

We work to strengthen existing family structures, open hearts and homes to at-risk children and youth, and provide training and support to foster, adoptive, single, step and grandparent families. For more information, please visit our website.


Our Mission

INSPIRE School Programs is focused on developing classroom mentoring and student assemblies to help schools empower middle and high school students to reach their potential through programs designed to encourage self-esteem, healthy relationships, respect, positive choices, mental wellness, resilience and leadership.

For more information, please visit our website.


Our Mission

Phyllis’ Home will be a partnership with Giving It Back to Kids in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, giving young unwed pregnant women an opportunity to choose life for their babies. This home will save lives and help these young women find their destiny through provision, education, and, most of all, love.

If you’d like to give towards the creation of Phyllis’ Home, please label your gift as a Missions offering and include “Phyllis’ Home” as the descriptive message.

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Our Mission

With a passion to see believers everywhere walk in the fullness of all of God’s blessings, Paul has a unique gift for helping people feel the embrace of the strong loving Presence of God. In churches and communities where he has both ministered and visited, he is recognized as a prophetic psalmist with a continuing fresh message that warms the heart while urging the people of God to rise up and do what is right to inherit the kingdom of God.

Through weaving prayer and worship together, it is not uncommon for many in the atmosphere of worship to receive healing of emotional hurts and wounds through the ministry of the Lord through Paul. Most recently many people are physically healed during times of prayer and worship in the meetings.   Miracles come because of God’s great love for mankind.

For more information, please visit our website


Our Mission

We began a homeless outreach a few years ago with nothing more than a few volunteers, some lunch bags, and a desire to touch the poor, the hurting and the hopeless under a bridge. God has tremendously blessed our outreach efforts since that time. Now we meet the 3rd Sunday of the month to conduct a full heartfelt outreach service complete with live uplifting music, freshly cooked meals (compliments of Runners Refuge), water, prayer, clothing distribution, guidance, support & much more. Volunteers travel from all over the metroplex armed with compassion, care and a strong sense of purpose. We affectionately call this, “Compassion In Action!” We give volunteers the opportunity to give back and be the hearts and hands that literally heals and saves lives! It has grown into much more than just an outreach to homeless individuals. The homeless have become our family !  It is truly, “Love Under the Bridge!” -Pastor Curtis Jackson

Have questions, or want to know how you can get involved?
Send us an email

Under The Bridge Homeless Outreach

2716 Dawson St, Dallas,Tx 75226


Through International Missions we support and partner with missionaries across the globe to reach the people of our world.



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