FINE ARTS: Choir, Worship, Media


We are a family of worshippers who believe it is our responsibility to carry the presence of God into everything we do and in every part of who we are.


Substance: We are the canvas on which God’s tangible presence is made evident.
Covenant Relationship: We are committed to a lifestyle of honor. We are life speakers and Kingdom-bringers.
Marketplace: We are children of the creator and we carry His creative power into every transaction, interaction, conversation, and situation, in order to bring transformation.
Legacy: We equip the hearts and hands of the next generation of worshippers.


We desire to empower our Trinity Church family to express their creative purpose, whether it be on the stage, in the congregation, behind a camera, through the art of dance, with the medium of visual art, or simply by a song of worship. This passion motivates us toward new and innovative expressions that capture the heart of the Father. Our worship family ministers throughout the campus, in various capacities – which enables us to celebrate musical and cultural diversity while still carrying a heart of worship in unity with one another. Our ultimate goal is to see Jesus celebrated in everything we do.


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