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The Blessing Project

March 6, 2019

Beginning March 6, Trinity Church will journey together to extend the Kingdom of God to our friends, neighbors and community through what we call, “The Blessing Project.” Luke 10 outlines what we believe is our kingdom mandate and serves as a guide for how this adventure of blessing occurs. We, the people of God, are to be carriers of His presence – as priests, we are to be the bridge between heaven and the people of earth. Therefore, we believe we are empowered to proclaim and release the blessing of God over His creation and His children. We deliver the blessings of peace as forerunners to the places and people Jesus intends to visit. When His blessing is released, we believe God’s goodness will be revealed and His kingdom will be made manifest. What does this look like? First, we ask you to prayerfully identify three people whom you believe God is targeting for blessing. Second, identify two other prayer partners to create a 3 fold cord (community). With each person having identified their “three”, each team will pray over nine individuals. Third, beginning with March 6th (Lent), begin 14 days of prayer over “the three” God has sovereignly placed in your path. Do this individually, as well as together with your team, saturating all nine in prayer. At the end of the 14 days, begin a 21 day season of focused prayer.  Find out how you can pray specifically.  Let them know your team is committed to praying over their needs for the next 21 days.  But don’t just pray, seek how you can bless! Perhaps through words, or deeds, (buying a lunch, offering a ride to work, babysitting, etc…), announce and activate His kingdom over their lives (righteousness, peace, joy in Holy Spirit, etc..) After 21 days, see what God has done! Celebrate victories, continue building community, and invite them to church with you during Easter celebrations. What will this accomplish?
  • 300 teams praying for 9 individuals = 2,700 people for whom God has compassion.
  • Community – God’s blessings are nurtured as we become conduits of His heart together.
  • Atmosphere – Proclaiming God’s blessing attracts the supernatural and invites the kingdom of God to be activated among us.
  • Miracles – When His kingdom activity is released, the deaf will hear, the blind will see and the lost will be found!

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March 6, 2019
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