Hell House 28, presented by Trinity Church, is like a haunted house but with a ministry emphasis. Thousands have attended and received prayer each year for the past 27 years. You may have been to a haunted house, but you have never been to hell!
It runs for three weekends in October:
October 12-14
October 19-21
October 26-28
October 30
Doors Open at 6 PM and close when the line ends
Hell House was first opened in October of 1991 and is a creative alternative to the traditional haunted house. It is a dramatization of real life situations. Each year over 10,000 people walk through its doors with an ambiguous expectation. With Hell House now entering its 23rd year, we attempt to keep that ambiguity going by offering new, fresh, in-your-face scenes and ideas. This year there are 7 scenes, with the walk-through taking an estimated 45 minutes (not including waiting in line). A tour guide will guide you through the maze-like walk-through. Each scene will give you a look into the real life issues that we deal with everyday.