About US

On behalf of Trinity Church, allow me to be among the first to invite and welcome you. Our strong desire is for you to experience with us the deep joy and peace which comes from personal interaction with God and God’s people.

We believe Trinity Church unusually represents God’s activity in these important days. Deeply committed to effectively presenting Jesus, our church draws its experiences and beliefs around four main values. Each value provides a meaningful place for people to connect and find an opportunity for rapid spiritual development.

The four values are:

  • SUBSTANCE – God’s literal presence and accurate testimony of Jesus
  • COVENANT RELATIONSHIPS – committing unconditionally to the good of others
  • LEGACY – releasing the potential of the next generation
  • MARKETPLACE – measuring success by what happens outside the walls of our church.

Do you see the “connection points”? If you need a genuine encounter with God, or if you could use a friend, or if you bring children or grandchildren, or if you live and work in a broken world… Trinity provides strength and partnerships to help you live whole.

With much thanksgiving, the folk at Trinity know God significantly poured much favor upon us. God’s favor is recognized in the stark diversity of our congregation, powerful and creative worship expressions, frequent supernatural activity, unusual numerical growth and a general sense of “healthiness”. As pastor of this church, I stand amazed that God allowed me to be a part of a group like this.

Thank you for considering an opportunity to get acquainted. If our church may serve you now or in the near future, please let us know.

God bless you,

Jim Hennesy
Senior Pastor


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