The recent brutal murder of George Floyd leaves our nation shattered, our hearts torn, our eyes filled with tears and outrage. The mourning of the Floyd family, the examination of our collective soul, the media frenzy…drives us to our knees in fervent search for God’s wisdom, peace and restoration. Our first responsibility as the body of Christ is to mourn with those who mourn. My heart cries out for new understandings and new ways to love. 

My message today is not to the masses but to our house. As Jesus followers, the injustice personified in this horrific act breaks us and requires of us unprecedented considerations of truth and grace. This act awakens me to recognize that the incident is not isolated, but something that perpetually terrorizes and traumatizes our black loved ones as an ongoing threat to their families and a perpetuation of the dehumanization of blacks embedded in the history of our land. Our church represents itself as “diverse” and racial equality (restoration,  reconciliation) has long been part of our mission and one of the ways we bring honor to King Jesus. As never before, the world is watching if Jesus is enough to heal this. Many are watching Trinity.

While acknowledging there is no quick fix or easy solution to the broken systems, lost trust, deep sorrow…And, while admitting that I personally feel inadequate to lead a battle cry in the middle of such volatility, my warrior spirit is rekindled and I take upon myself the mantle of reform. Micah 6, “He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?” This mandate has become a banner for my soul as I invite you, my partners in ministry and love, to take this journey with me.

To the black members of Trinity family, please know that Beck and I see you, love you, are grieving with you and standing beside you as best we know. To the white and brown members of our church, now is our time to arise.

Ultimately, the cure for our nation’s ills is a national revival. The deep change required in our hearts requires a fresh fusion with the Holy Spirit which is the deepest hunger of my heart and the location of my indefatigable hope.

My love for our church requires me to take action. Expect many opportunities for Godly conversations, classes, messages…as we navigate these storms. Please join me. Trinity’s resource team recently compiled helpful resources which enable us to learn more about how racism is affecting our country and how we can stimulate the cure. Beck and I plan to support as many initiatives as possible to make our voice heard and donate financially to “Be the Bridge” organization which I believe is effectively assisting healing. 

I deeply appreciate your prayers as we endeavor to fight, pray, lead, love…walk humbly before God with justice and mercy. 

Pastors Jim and Becky Hennesy 

Trinity Church

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