Missions Month at Trinity Church

A beige background with a world map. Text says: Missions Month, change the map. At the bottom of the photo, the text reads: As God enables me, I will help take the message of Jesus into all the world by giving through the missions program of my local church.
Here at Trinity Church, we are passionate about the global harvest. We believe in missions, not only worldwide, but locally – in our communities, our schools, and our businesses. Every year, we take the month of November to highlight the missions organizations we support, the value of supporting their work, and to renew our pledges to give toward missions. 

Thank you for building the Kingdom with us as we support those who are fulfilling the Great Commission!

Faith Promise

Faith promises are an important part of how we provide monthly support to our missionaries and local organizations. You can fill out the form below to commit to a weekly or monthly gift, or you can fill out a physical Faith Promise card in one of our services. Watch the video below to learn more about the value of Faith Promises!


November 6:  Faith Promise Sunday
November 27: One Day Offering (all campuses)