Photo of Pastor Jim Hennesy.



Jim Hennesy is Lead Pastor of Trinity Church. For 28 years, he has been the primary presenter of the preaching/teaching ministry, as well as the primary steward of Trinity’s vision. Jim focuses his ministry around the Presence and testimony of Jesus (Substance of God), and strongly encourages the church to live in supernatural participation with the Holy Spirit.  

With 44 years of pastoral experience, Pastor Jim serves the Body of Christ internationally as a conference speaker, encourager of pastors, network leader, and spiritual father to scores of “sons and daughters”. 
Pastor Jim is a life-long learner and God-chaser – his recent teachings regarding Kingdom of God, revival with reformation, spiritual foundation, and family seem essential for the development of the new era church. 



Becky is a gifted teacher and minister. She communicates from her heart clearly and effectively and is presently serving as Co-Pastor of Trinity Church with her husband, Jim Hennesy. She is currently serving as Director of Reformation and City Transformation. Her desire is to gather Reformers who want to see the Kingdom of God come and His perfect will to be done in our cities, bringing transformation to broken places and systems. Becky is also the Chaplain for the WNBA Dallas Wings. Becky’s message is one of hope and reaches across generations and cultures. She has a tremendous burden for world missions, building teams and traveling internationally often, to spread the gospel and strengthen the local churches and works.

Photo of Pastor Becky Hennesy.